My name is Maryse Lemieux. I am a self-taught artist based in Gatineau, Quebec.

I started to paint in 2020 after a bad concussion that forced me to stay inside, in the dark and quiet. It forced me to stop and I started imagining all sorts of vast plein air scene, fairy ponds, soft mornings and colourful gardens. My creativity took over. I deconstructed all those lovely images to recreate them on canvas in a perfectly abstract style. 

I paint with a knife to create texture that creates shadows that change throughout the day.  I let myself be carried away by instinct. Texture and colors guide me in creation.

Come jump in my imagination overflowing with landscapes and magic moments!

About me

I paint mainly with acrylic and gel on canvas. I use a very thick gel that mixes with pigmented acrylic to create this rich and creamy texture that I like to compare to cake glazing. My favorite tool is the knife. Applying this thick mixture on the canvas to create peaks and valleys is strangely satisfactory!

I have always cultivated my artistic side. My first love is photography. This medium forces me see the world through the lens to find beauty where some would not see it. Photography has forged my understanding of composition, shapes and colors. When I started painting, instinctively, I knew where to give my knife shots.


2020.  Private Collection, 2020, Ottawa, ON.

2020.  Private Collection, 2020, Ottawa, ON.

2020.  Private Collection, 2020, Gatineau, QC

2020.  Private Collection, 2020, Montreal, QC

2020.  Private Collection, 2020, Winnipeg, MB

2021. Private Collection, 2021, Montreal, QC

2021. Private Collection, 2021, Montreal, QC

2021. Private Collection, 2021, Calgary, AB

2022. Private Collection, 2022, Toronto, ON


Petite G'Art- March to September 2021

SquareFoot Show- 4-6 August 2021

Squarefoot Show, Fall 2021- 3-5 novembre 2021

Pablo Salon Show, Esperanto Gallery, Markham, ON, Dec 10-23 2021

Squarefoot Show, Ukraine relief - 5-6 mars 2022


Member of the Coopérative des arts visuels et métiers d'arts (CAVMA) of the Outaouais- March 2021

Member of Arts Visuels de Gatineau - January 2022